Top Japanese Tracks

  • Track: Cheap Thrills
    Artist: Sia

  • Track: Woo Hoo
    Artist: The's

  • Track: Battle Without Honor Or Humanity
    Artist: 布袋寅泰

  • Track: Lazarus
    Artist: David Bowie

  • Track: Harajuku Girls
    Artist: Gwen Stefani

  • Track: Dark Necessities
    Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Track: Alive
    Artist: Sia

  • Track: Thursday
    Artist: Asobi Seksu

  • Track: The Flower Of Carnage
    Artist: 梶芽衣子

  • Track: Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: Dr. Strangeluv
    Artist: Blonde Redhead

  • Track: Misery Is A Butterfly
    Artist: Blonde Redhead

  • Track: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
    Artist: 坂本龍一

  • Track: Faust
    Artist: Gorillaz

  • Track: Ashes In The Snow
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: Shiver
    Artist: Lucy Rose

  • Track: Burial At Sea
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: Song 2
    Artist: DJ Krush

  • Track: Zetsubou Billy
    Artist: Maximum the Hormone

  • Track: Equus
    Artist: Blonde Redhead

  • Track: Yearning
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: The Flames Beyond The Cold Mountain
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: A Heart Has Asked For The Pleasure
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious)
    Artist: Teriyaki Boyz

  • Track: Are You There?
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: Pretense
    Artist: DJ Krush

  • Track: Cranes In The Sky
    Artist: Solange

  • Track: New Years
    Artist: Asobi Seksu

  • Track: The Battle To Heaven
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: Strawberries
    Artist: Asobi Seksu

  • Track: D-Tecnolife
    Artist: UVERworld

  • Track: Pink
    Artist: Boris

  • Track: The Remains Of The Day
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: Everlasting Light
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: Caravansary
    Artist: Kitaro

  • Track: Reflection Eternal
    Artist: Nujabes

  • Track: Ready Steady Go
    Artist: L'Arc~en~Ciel

  • Track: Feral Love
    Artist: Chelsea Wolfe

  • Track: Moonlight
    Artist: Mono

  • Track: The Final
    Artist: DIR EN GREY

  • Track: Ride On Shooting Star
    Artist: The Pillows

  • Track: We The People....
    Artist: A Tribe Called Quest

  • Track: Favourite Friend
    Artist: Snow Patrol

  • Track: Dozo
    Artist: Puscifer

  • Track: Theme Of Laura
    Artist: Akira Yamaoka

  • Track: Sugar Water
    Artist: Cibo Matto

  • Track: Rolling Star
    Artist: YUI

  • Track: Life
    Artist: YUI

  • Track: First Love
    Artist: 宇多田ヒカル

  • Track: Haruka Kanata